to know. to dare. to will. to keep silent.

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Who Are You?

My name is Marko and my job is to run around and make paranoid remarks. People say that I cook good and that I make one hell of a Mexican chilly.

Are you a geek?

Yes. Yes, I am.


Sure. You can't really run around making paranoid remarks and not become a paranoiac in the process.

More details about your knowledge, jobs and experience?

Sure. It's all in my CV. Ping me via mail and I'll send it to you.

Any motto in your life?

See top right corner of this web site.

What else do you do/like?

I love webcomics. My fav are: Dilbert, Sinfest, Romantically Apocalyptic, Explosm and Questionable Content. I also love Dylan Dog! Oh, yes... this too: Wulffmorgenthaler. Sick and bizzare. Then, of course, Looking for a group.

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Hi and welcome to my personal web site. This site has had various incarnations in the past few years. It changes as I change. The latest version you may see has been created using plain HTML and JS. I programmed it from scratch one Saturday afternoon. I've been messing around JS and movable DIVs at work so I thought of making some changes on my website. In order to see the content of the DIVs in the background simply click on them and move them around.

There isn't much on this website except for some basic information about me. People who have searched for my website are well aware of what I do and if they need my services they may feel free to contact me via email that's in one of these windows. I used to write on couple of blogs but I don't any more. Priorities changed and I prefer to be online only when I really have something to work on. If not... well, there are other priorities in life.

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There are no texts available on this website any more. Some of the material is on blog and that's freely available under GNU FDL 1.2.